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Our Process

We build and manage investment portfolios based on each client’s specific objectives.

We start by understanding their needs, risk tolerance and goals. We then plan and execute the strategy, which we are constantly monitoring and managing.

This process is ongoing, we guide our clients along the way adapting to their ever-changing needs.


Our Services


Global Investment Portfolios

Our clients are matched to their ideal portfolio based on each individual client’s risk profile, financial objectives and investment timeline.

Our platform’s open architecture allows us to choose from a spectrum of best in-class products, without conflicts of interest while maintaining our high diversification capabilities.


Managed Accounts

We believe in providing the structure and tools needed by our clients to manage their assets comfortably.

Depending on our client’s desired level of involvement and individual needs; our clients may choose from model-based management or custom-built advisory. Additionally, INVEX Advisors has the ability to work with the custodial institution of choice, without limiting our comprehensive investment counsel capabilities.

We give our advisory clients access to fully consolidated reports, resulting in increased transparency and deeper insight. In other words, the communication between advisor and client is transparent and constant.



Throughout the years, we have grown a wide network of counter-parties regionally, providing us with local market-pulse and insights, while bridging geographical distances. By working closely with our in-house trading desk, we keep our clients connected with the markets.