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INVEX is a FINRA registered fully disclosed Broker-Dealer, based in Miami FL. We provide the tools needed by our clients in order to attain goal aligned growth. For our Institutional Clients, we facilitate access to Capital Markets, in addition to Asset Management services. For our Private Clients, we offer investment portfolios, as well as account management services, among others. Our custodian agent is Pershing LLC, the industry's largest provider of clearing and settlement solutions.


INVEX was founded over 27 years ago.

1991 - INVEX Casa de Bolsa
1992 - INVEX Broker-Dealer
1993 - INVEX IPO
1994 - INVEX Banco (Bank Division)
1995 - Start of Regional Expansion
1997 - INVEX Fiduciario (Fiduciary Division)
2001 - INVEX Operadora (Mutual Funds Division)
2007 - INVEX Infraestructura (Infrastructure Division)
2013 - INVEX Arrendadora (Leasing Division)
2015 - INVEX Advisors
2017 - INVEX Infrastructure Capitalization

Our Philosophy

At INVEX, we strive to provide strategic and independent investment advice to our clientele. We are always pursuing our clients’ best-interest by understanding their goals and objectives. Through clear and straightforward communication, we forge close relationships based on trust and integrity.

For our clients, this means timely custom-made investment solutions aligned with their growth objectives, where their best-interests are our priority.


Our People

Our multi-cultural, highly trained team of professionals has many years of combined financial markets experience with a focus on emerging markets. Our team members have worked and lived in several emerging market countries allowing them to understand the social, political and economic environment which impact our clients’ needs. Our firm is composed of investment advisors, traders, and analysts who work together to provide the best services and products available.


Your Financial Partner