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International investing includes political and economic risks and uncertainties, as well as currency risk, of countries in which the investor does not reside or with respect to which the availability and accuracy of information varies. Alternative investments which may be referenced in this report are speculative and entail significant risks which can include: losses due to leveraging or other speculative investment practices; lack of liquidity; absence of information regarding valuations and pricing; complex tax structures and delays in tax reporting; and less regulation and higher fees than mutual funds. Market indices, which may be referenced in this report cannot be invested in directly. Investments in specific products will involve fees and expenses as well as varying management processes which may result in performance that is less than or greater than the related market indices.

If leverage is used in an investment strategy, it’s use may have the effect of increasing losses or increasing returns. Any event that adversely affects the value of an investment will be magnified to the extent that such an investment is leveraged and could result in greater losses than if the investment were not leveraged.

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